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KOVO store

We have been operating on the Slovak market for more than 10 years. We offer a wide range of goods with approximately 5.000 items

  • Sales manager
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  • Nádražná 201
    956 05 Radošina

  • Monday - Friday
    08:00 - 16:30
  • Saturday
    08:00 - 12:00
  • Sunday
Lunch break 12:00 - 12:30

Product-lines and brands:

  1. Workshop hand tools (spanners, hammers, straps, screwdrivers, gauges): Festa, Tona. Kinex, Komelon
  2. Workshop power tools (drills, battery-program): Makita, Metabo, Narex
  3. Welding material and supplies (wires, electrodes, welding inverters, masks, foils): Kühschreiber, TechSolution, Formica
  4. Abrasive and cutting materials (discs, brushes, cutters): Rhodius, Lukas, Makita, Pferd
  5. Protective working equipment, working clothing and footwear (gloves, helmets, glasses): Cerva, Delta plus, 3M
  6. Painting supplies and paints colours (brushes, rollers, paints): Kana, Rota, Lazurol, Alkyton, Industrol, Belton
  7. Binding-material (screws, nuts, washers, anchoring equipment): Fischer, Metalvis, Domax
  8. Putties (silicones, mounting foam, adhesives): Soudal, Fischer
  9. Metallurgical materials (sheets, profiles, structural steel): Thyssenkrupp, Raven, stainless materials
  10. Wiring materials (cables, switches, sockets, rolls): Tesla, ABB

Customers service:

  1. Waranty and post-warranty service of products sold by us
  2. Professional service with consultancy
  3. Cutting (cutting, burning) of metallurgical materials as required
  4. Personal selection of goods in store with the possibility of ordering according the catalog
  5. According the agreement transport of purchased goods for a fee
  6. For companies purchase on current account (wholesale) with clearing-invoice according the agreement